Fast Food Business Plan College Life Essays

 Make the transaction from a single point of Sale Company to a distributed sales company. Refine the company values and culture by hiring the best people. Differentiation strategy: We are providing high quality food because our mission is “Our customer health is our profit”  Marketing advantage strategy: 3Ar S Fast Food is providing some services for the first time and has got first mover advantage.

There are different contents for the assessment of any market, which are given under here: 3Ar S Fast Food will be marketed to people on the basis of demographic, psychographic and geographic characteristics.

It’s a fundamental of business where you have competition along your business.

If you want to overcome your competitor you must have knowledge of that business as much you have your own.

 Attitude : When the customers once buy this product after that they can use the product continuously.

 Purchasing decision: Often 3Ar S Fast Food changes the purchasing decision of customers because of its good attributes.

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