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This is because change can bring many improvement and development in different aspects of competency.Likewise, change has been modified and tailored by various work organizations for varied reasons.For them, not knowing with whom they’ll next share a conversation is exciting, but at my middle age, it gives me more anxiety than delight.

I returned from my trips with a backpack of dirty laundry, a new sense of self and a lifetime of memories. When I travel, I don’t want to test myself; I want to be nurtured, entertained or educated and return home as a rejuvenated version of the self that left.The role of the management and the strategy imposed by the organization as a whole should always be open minded for the occurrences of changes in order to adjust and cope with the tremendous development that are happening in the internal and external environment of the organization.With the constantly changing environment, many people especially those in the working organization find themselves normally adapting.Currently planning a trip to England with a friend, we booked a lovely hotel in the Cotswolds near walking trails, picturesque villages and a famous garden.“My ex-husband and I traveled through England in our early 20s,” my friend said.Maybe I had a few contact numbers in my destination country, but mostly I relied on my wits and chance; serendipity was my traveling companion. I book accommodations well in advance at high quality inns.I slept on couches with host families through international friendship clubs and dropped in at youth hostels. I like chocolates on soft pillowcases, scented soaps and maid service.Management is the organizational process that includes strategic planning, setting; objectives, managing resources, deploying the human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives, and measuring results (Henry, 2006).Management also includes recording and storing facts and information for later use or for others within the organization.Keiser (1997) detailed the time span and different forms that management fads take.For example, by 1996 TQM and re-engineering had gone from being the hottest management trend to a fad, whose day has come and gone (Jacques, 1996).

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