Famous Satirical Essays

His mother, Abigail Errick, left Swift in Ireland with his nurse and went to live in England. In early winter, 1688, William of Orange, a Protestant, overthrew King James II, the Catholic king of England.Until Swift entered the Kilkenny School, some sixty miles from Dublin, he was shuttled back and forth between Ireland and England, sent to stay with his mother, his nurse, or his father's family. In Catholic Ireland, Trinity College was thrown into chaos and its classes suspended.Churchill, the duke disparaged in the poem, had a checkered diplomatic and military career.Thus, he became the object of an unsympathetic satirical elegy by Swift, who was one of his leading political enemies.

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In 1710, Swift became editor of the Tory paper Examiner.

He wrote strenuously against continuing England's continental war and pointedly against the Duke of Marlborough's role in the war.

Indeed, after Marlborough's death, Swift disparaged him in his poem "A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General," which was written in 1722, and posthumously published in a collection of Swift's works in 1765.

Historical speculation estimates that they may have married fourteen years later, but no authoritative evidence of their marriage exists.

During the first decade of the eighteenth century, Swift published A Tale of a Tub and The Battle of the Books, and he began to gain recognition for his writing.

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