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The tutorial for this topic is spent EXCLUSIVELY working through a problem question.Then, for their formative, my students had another different problem question on veil piercing.‘On one occasion, I found myself 15 minutes into a question before I realised that I really should have been answering another one.It was a real waste of time that I couldn't get back.’ 8.

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In a subsequent tweet he expanded on this with an analogy, explaining that: ‘Your answer should be more like filling out a very difficult form & less like painting a wall." 2.

Care and protection of children The question is: does it undermine my essay if i say the law has been effective in achieving justice for one issue but not other, because i don't make a complete judgement?

- Thanks Hello to all those reading I have a in-class family law essay coming up in a few weeks, where we have to research 2 contemporary issues and answer an unknown question on the day. Asking because I'm having struggles with finding anything to talk about for changing nature of parental responsibility.

Don't question spot – but do use past papers where they are available In a recent Prezi, Bristol University law lecturer Steven Vaughan recommends that students be smart in using past papers to help them identify which questions are more likely to come up in an exam.

He provides this example of how to do so: "In company law, we study what is known as ‘veil piercing’, when the rights and liabilities of a company are treated as if they are the rights and liabilities of the shareholders in the company.

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