Fahrenheit 451 Book Burning Essay

The future world of dictatorship highly scared Ray. In this context he explains in the attempt of people trying to save their culture and history, the rebels memorize the works of the literature and philosophy in their books before the totalitarian state burns them. It is a horror type because, relating this book to a real life situation, it is very hypnotizing for individuals to attack your home and burn up everything without reason and insist on you doing what they ask.The crammed work by the rebels is not allowed in the dictated country. This novel also relates to with the life that Africans passed through as slaves.He works arrogantly without trying to see the truth on both sides. Montag burning people’s property is not right despite him not having knowledge on what exactly they are doing.Montag also noticed he was making mistakes in what he was doing.

In knowing the content of the entire book, he decides to join the rebel group after his wife reports him to the state leaders.

Slavery in the African land occurred when the White people entered their lands abducted them and burnt their houses.

If I were to rate this book in context with a real life situation, I would give it ten out of ten.

Fear should be a strength not a weakness in such situations.

In this novel, Montag works as a “fireman” since he burns up possessions of the people who read books that are not authorized by the totalitarian state.

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