Facts About Spain For Homework College Essay Agriculture

Many Spaniards share a common ethnic background – a mixture of the early inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula, the Celts, and later conquerors from Europe and Africa.

Recent immigrants from North Africa and Latin America have added to the mix of people and culture, too.

The interior of Spain is a high, dry plateau surrounded and crisscrossed by mountain ranges.

Spain is one of the most “decentralised” democracies in Europe – although there is a national parliament that governs the country, each of Spain’s 17 regions manages its own schools, hospitals and other public services.

With vibrant, historic cities and sunny beaches, Spain attracts more tourists than any other European country, except France.

Regional music and dances, such as fandango and flamenco, are an important part of Spanish culture, as well as religious festivals and, of course, football – the country’s national sport!

Spain is a constitutional monarchy, with the king and the elected president sharing the power.

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