Facts About Cars Causing Air Pollution

) in the air - like you find in aerosol hair spray and air-conditioners and refrigerators. The ozone layer gets holes in it when we put pollutants like chlorofluorocarbons (I sure hope I spelled that right! Okay, okay, here you go: We'll talk about these major types of air pollution and facts associated with them. It's a protective layer of ozone that sits up high in the earth's atmosphere and keeps the sun's radiation from frying us up.

Too much exposure to lead leads to learning impairment, behavioural disorders and damage to the kidneys, reproductive organs, and immune systems.

VOCs combined with nitrogen oxides lead to the formation of ground-level ozone.

This causes harm to plant, animal and human life and problems such as asthma and respiratory or lung conditions lead to fatalities from this.

Stone monuments are also damaged when exposed to particulate matter (PM).

Air Quality Index is a number that’s used to define how polluted a city is.

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