Expository Research Essay Grammar Homework Ks2

Example: If you have a coin collection and know a lot about collecting rare coins, it could be easier for you to find credible resources and identify themes that are common to this subject than if you chose to write about an issue you know nothing about, say rebuilding a BMW motor.

Making a list of topics that you’re interested in can help you choose your topic.

Once you’ve chosen your examples, you’re now ready to write your outline.All of these issues would be expressed in a neutral tone, without trying to convince the reader of either one side or the other. An argumentative essay has a different goal than the expository one which is to convince the reader of their chosen position.In the same example of universal healthcare, the writer would choose either to convince the reader that universal healthcare is the better healthcare system or that privatized healthcare is better.Example: After you’ve made your list, narrow it down to the one that would be the easiest for you to write about and find research on.Be aware that this may not necessarily be the one that’s most interesting to you.The length of your essay can vary, according to context.The purpose of an expository essay is to present, completely and fairly, other people's views or to report about an event or a situation.As you research, take notes on all of the possible topics you might want to cover in your work.Your research may have provided you with a dozen or more areas to cover on your chosen topic, but you’re not going to be able to write about all of them in a standard 500-word essay.The best way to choose your examples is to do a mix of the most common issues discussed about the topic along with some of the more rarely discussed areas of this topic.Example: if you’re writing about crypto-currencies, you could write about Bitcoin and its evolution but you could also cover some of the newer cryptocurrencies that are on the rise and gaining popularity in the wake of Bitcoin or some cryptocurrencies that might be surprising such as Christcoin, the cryptocurrency that gives you credit for reading the Bible.

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