Expository Essay Writing Graphic Organizer Technology Essay Introduction

Start your research by choosing and reading a book about your topic.Pick a book that is nonfiction, as it will have factual information that you can use in your essay. Use a notebook to copy down the facts that you think are most important and to write down questions that you have.Make the introduction as interesting as possible so that the reader wants to keep reading.

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The beginning of your expository essay is your introduction -- where you capture the reader's attention and tell her what the main idea of the essay is going to be.

Start by choosing a topic that you think is interesting and that you already know a lot about.

You might choose to write about an animal you like, a place you have visited or a person whom you have read about.

Guide students step by step through an expository writing prompt, using a four square graphic organizer.

Students will learn how to put their ideas in logical order to support their thesis statement, develop an introductory paragraph with a hook, and develop a concluding paragraph that ends with a punch!

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