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Schools are celebrating acceptance offers; social media sites are filled with photos of people you might know wearing caps and gowns.

And seniors are coming to school wearing college-themed T-shirts and caps.

When we help our students reflect and focus up front, the rest of the process moves much more smoothly. They come to this process full of ideas about topics, with little consideration of the essay’s purpose or why they are writing one (or twelve).

All too often, students look for activities that might lead to stories, and they waste a lot of time talking about their experiences and their accomplishments.

When they do this, they do not answer the prompt, which, no matter how it’s worded, is really asking students to show some insight into those experiences or accomplishments.

This is a journey into self-discovery, teaching your future college student how to be introspective and find meaning in life experiences.

Great books and movies draw us into their world – the same applies to these essays!

Before submitting, always proofread for spelling, grammar, and mechanics!

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How to choose the right topic and steer clear of clichés while showing admissions committees that you’re a great fit? We’ve got a list of tips to help you make a great impression with a stellar essay.Find a time to sit down with your child and have a conversation that includes sharing and listening with an open mind and heart.The answer is a trait or characteristic, not an accomplishment or experience. Once your child can answer this question with a specific trait or characteristic, they will be able to find a meaningful story that illustrates that trait and also answers the prompt.When telling your story, select vivid words and details to give the anecdote some texture.If other people appear in the narrative, call them by name so that readers can follow along and feel a little more invested in and connected to your story.Also, expand your vocabulary so that you don’t repeat the same two or three verbs over and over.All those high school English essays are about to pay off, even if this one doesn’t require you to quote books or cite MLA or APA citations.Now it’s your child’s turn to start thinking about college.We’ll start by giving you the real scoop on the college essay on Tuesday, August 20, during a webinar focused exclusively on the college essay and your role in the process. ET for We know that most high school students spend a lot of time thinking and talking about friends, moving out of the house, figuring out life, choosing a career and deciding which college to attend. And, at its core, the college essay is all about reflection.Diving right into the essay is tempting, but it’s better to take the time at the beginning.It’s a natural instinct is to think that an admissions committee wants to see you at your most formal.

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