Examples Of Thesis Statements For Research Papers

Don’t worry if your argument changes during your research project. It is common to revise a thesis argument as research goes forward. They don’t mislead the reader unless you say (wrongly) that you have tested a proposition when you actually figured it out afterward, based on evidence revealed as you tested a different proposition.

You cannot use the same evidence to generate a proposition and test it. But it’s perfectly good to look at your evidence and revise your proposition or generate a new one.

A specifically bourgeois economic ethic had grown up.

Still, the best studies synthesize what they have found about their own time and place. Ascents and descents, kneeling, ceremonial processions, joinings of hands, and the like are not only omnipresent but function as signs of hierarchical relationship, personal obligation, communal celebration, and a host of other meaningful qualities.

Yet all of them are concise, forceful, and original.

As they stand, however, they are little more than assertions.

Having done that, test the revised predictions against different evidence.

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You can see for yourself by reviewing the research articles you’ve been reading. Most will have a thesis statement (that is, their major argument) in the introduction or conclusion. The nature of the state, its legitimate functions and its justifications, if any, is the central concern of this book . We have progressively abandoned that freedom in economic affairs without which personal and political freedom has never existed in the past. 12–13) Some think that historical studies don’t have such theses.

They fuse the myriad details into a meaningful picture. Dower’s eloquent summary argument from Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II: To understand the Japan that stands at the cusp of the twenty-first century, however, it is more useful to look not for the longue duree of an inexorably unfolding national experience, but rather at a cycle of recent history that began in the late 1920s and essentially ended in 1989. Clothing betokens social rank or, conversely, a holiday inversion of it.

When this short, violent, innovative epoch is scrutinized, much of what has been characterized as a postwar “Japanese model” proves to [be] a hybrid Japanese-American model: forged in war, intensified through defeat and occupation, and maintained over the ensuing decades out of an abiding fear of national vulnerability and a widespread belief that Japan needed top-level planning and protection to achieve optimum economic growth. Gestures often occupy the central moment of a scene or signal the reversal of dramatic action.

This bureaucratic capitalism is incomprehensible without understanding how victor and vanquished embraced Japan’s defeat together. Dower, Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II. My aim has been to study this unspoken language of the theater, and to see how Shakespeare regards both its capacity and its limitations.

(David Bevington, Action Is Eloquence: Shakespeare’s Language of Gesture. viii) Bevington’s thesis statement appears early—in the preface—but it really begins with the title of his book, Action Is Eloquence: Shakespeare’s Language of Gesture.

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