Examples Of Marketing Plans For A Small Business

It is important to provide statistics, analysis, numbers and supporting facts that can show the reader there is a demand for your product or service.

When developing a general profile of your customers, you might want to define them by: For example, a clothing manufacturer may consider a number of possible target markets: toddlers, athletes or teenagers.

Your banker or lender will also want to see the marketing section of your business plan before considering lending you money.Styles, markets and goals change and so should your plan.Revisit your marketing plan on a regular basis to keep it current and adjust it according to changes in your business activities or predictions of new trends.By compiling a general profile of each of your possible markets, you can decide which ones are the most realistic, pose the least risk or are more likely to show a profit.A test market survey of the most likely target groups can also help you separate real target markets from the more unlikely possibilities.You can also break down each group by specific media.Some suggestions are: Like any aspect of running a business, preparation helps you deal with challenges.It is important to use facts and numbers to show how your business will be profitable.Before you sell something, you need to know who you are selling to.Before you develop your marketing plan, research the potential market for your product or service.Use the numbers, facts and findings to back up statements in your marketing plan.

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