Examiner Report On Phd Thesis Help With Writing An Argumentative Essay

The same candidate displayed limited understanding of the subject matter and was “misinformed” (Examiner 2). Colleagues have told me that major revisions is a common outcome, and that students will often receive one positive review and one negative review.

I am an early stage researcher – albeit with a few lines and some grey hairs – and I want my research to make a difference in the world.I wish I had read this post earlier as it changed my perspective.I re-read the examination reports, and the recommended revisions became bearable, even logical, improvements.The following definitions apply to this document: Examination Committee is the committee formed for the purpose of considering the examiners’ reports.Joanne Doyle is a Ph D student at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in Toowoomba, Australia.Perhaps I am a little more passionate about contemporary processes than others may be.After all, the focus of my doctoral research was exploring perceptions of impact (and I do appreciate the irony of my current predicament!But, my reason for writing this post is far greater.I want to share my examination experience to help other students that tread this path after me, and to give back in some small way to the Thesis Whisperer blog, as an expression of my gratitude for being there when I have needed you most. I have an estimated four months of major revisions ahead of me!The literature review was assessed as both “particularly impressive” (Examiner 1) and “superficial” (Examiner 2).My research design was deemed to be “well justified” (Examiner 1) and yet “a major flaw” (Examiner 2).

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