Exam Coursework Percentage Calculator

Students are responsible for handing in all coursework on time.

Assignments handed in after the due date will earn 0 points, or, downgraded percentage, according to the instructor’s own guidelines.

Students should ask their instructors for explanations of their grades if they believe errors were made.

However, a student may not submit extra work, resubmit work to improve a final grade, or have their work evaluated by a third party.

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Students enrolled in distance courses also continue to have access to video lectures until the extension-of-time deadline or their grade is changed, whichever occurs first.

Grades cannot be changed after April 1 for fall and January session courses and August 3 for spring courses.

Students are entitled to an explanation of their grades if they believe a calculation or clerical error has occurred; however, they should be careful not to harass instructors.

During the exam period, rules will be fully enforced by the proctors.

These rules include but are not limited to the following: 3.

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