Evaluation Doctoral Thesis F. Scott Fitzgerald Thesis Statement

We therefore do not hope for large or flawless studies, but we do expect that the research will be executed in a rigorous and professional manner.

These notes should be read in conjunction with the trainees’ guidelines on the major research project and on writing and presenting the thesis.

The research thesis is expected to be an original piece of empirical work of relevance to clinical psychology, demonstrating the candidate’s ability to apply scientific principles and undertake rigorous investigation.

It should be of publishable quality, making a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and affording evidence of originality.

The revised thesis usually will be seen only by the internal examiner, unless the external examiner requests to see it.

If the required corrections have been made to the thesis, it is passed.

The purpose of the viva is for the examiners to understand the candidate’s thinking about the material in the thesis (and also to establish their claim to independence of work).

The candidate should be given the opportunity to explain any deficiencies or clarify any issues raised by the examiners.

A Fail should be given when the work undertaken by the candidate is irredeemable, i.e., the thesis has major flaws in conceptualisation, execution or presentation, which are not adequately accounted for in the viva.The thesis requires a very substantial re-conceptualisation, rewriting, or re-analysis to be brought up to passing standard.Revisions that require the collection of a significant amount of new data also fall under this category.The indicative times given next to each correction type (i.e.one month, three months, one year) represent the maximum time the candidate is given to make the corrections.Following the viva, the examiners compile a brief joint report.This includes an agreed evaluation of the written thesis and an assessment of the candidate’s performance in the viva.The result of the examination must be assigned to one of the five categories below.This is a recommendation subject to ratification by the Board of Examiners.The criterion of acceptability is that the candidate is making a substantial independent contribution to the study.The course supports a pluralistic approach to research.

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