Evacuation Plan For Business

If the fire warden is using Alert Media to communicate he/she can use the survey feature to quickly determine who is safe and who is still unaccounted for.

Make sure the escape routes and the assembly area can accommodate the expected number of employees who will be evacuating.

A good fire evacuation plan for your business will include primary and secondary escape routes. For large offices, make multiple maps and post them so employees know the evacuation routes.

Once your people are out of the building, where do they go? The assistant fire warden should be at the assembly area collecting a head count and providing updates.

When an office tower in Sydney, Australia caught fire earlier this year, construction workers on scaffolding had to scramble to safety when the exterior of the building was transformed into a wall of flames.

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Your company's leadership needs to be communicating and tracking progress in real-time.Damage to physical structures can run into the millions.While fires themselves are dangerous enough, the threat can be compounded by panic and chaos if your company is unprepared.The best way to prevent this from happening is to have a detailed and rehearsed fire plan.Here is our 7-step plan to help guide you through creating a fire evacuation plan for your business: When planning your business fire evacuation plan, start with some basic questions to explore the primary threats your business may face in the case of a fire. The National Fire Protection Association points out that during the five-year period from 2007-2011, an average of 3,340 fires occurred in office properties per year. Fire Administration confirmed that cooking was the leading cause of nonresidential building fires for the past 10 years. Take some time to brainstorm reasons a fire would threaten your business. Are people using portable space heaters or personal fridges?This employee has overall responsibility for a fire employees, call the fire department, and gather reports. Route guides play an important role in making sure that routes are clear and evacuation is orderly and calm. Some people want to “fight the fire” with a portable fire extinguisher.You never want to fight a fire that has left its source of origin.Since cooking fires are at the top of the list for office properties, put “house rules” in place about microwaving and other office kitchen appliances.Forbid hot plates, in-office microwaves, and other cooking appliances. Make “X” business specific, such as “What if we are evacuated by authorities and we have fifteen refrigerated trucks loaded with our weekly ice cream deliveries?Thinking through different scenarios moves a fire from something no one imagines into the collective consciousness of your business.When a fire emerges and your business must evacuate, employees will look to their leaders for reassurance and guidance.

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