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The beliefs of opponents is primarily based on two considerations that ending life is unethical as it violates; the basic right of a person not to be killed, and the moral principle that life should not be taken deliberately or intentionally.

People, at the critical moment of making end-of-life decisions, at times depend on religious beliefs to assist them confront their fear or provide strength for dealing with this serious challenge.

The interpretation of “good health” may imply that it was either Greeks or Romans who initially used the terminology agreeing on the basic issues.

New technology developed through the ages has created unanticipated issues that each society has worked to resolve.Proponents of euthanasia have taken different moral and ethical positions offering arguments to support the practice.This segment believes ending life at the exclusive request of a person is not immoral being his/her fundamental right to decide.Those advocating for euthanasia argue that ending life could be justified in special circumstances only when there exists conclusive evidence that a continuation of life is more painful or harmful to a person compared with dying.Opponents, on the other hand, argue that ending life, without the will of God, is unethical in the contemporary society because of insufficient practices allowing for a fair and just practice of euthanasia.Views on Euthanasia There exist several arguments that are presented either in support or against euthanasia.Both sides of the argument present views that make it difficult for someone to pick a side due to the validity of the views.Many patients that are suffering from terminal illnesses request for life ending procedures when they experience pain, and are faced with the traumatic loss in quality of life.Origin of the terminology “Euthanasia” is complex and not easy to trace.Romans did not punish those who attempted suicide, but only when they were regarded as irrational.Another opinion, contrary to these observations, is that Pythagoreans condemned euthanasia as they based their disapproval on the spiritual belief that only God had the authority to take life.

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