Euro Disney Case Study Hofstede Business Strategy Assignment

He received fifty-nine Academy Award nominations and won twenty-six Oscars, including a record four in one year, giving him more awards and nominations than any other individual. He is the namesake for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort theme parks in the United States, Japan, France, and China.

In April 1992, The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies opened a new park for European visitors.

The questions are broken down in to five which are: 1) Why was Euro Disney performing poorly during its first year of operation?

Recommend and propose strategies and suggestions to improve the situation?

It played a negative role in the success in the success for Disney.

How many people go to Paris to get glimpses of American theme parks?

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The joke going around at the time was, “for Euro Disney to adapt properly to France, all seven of snow white’s dwarfs should be named Grumpy ..Most of the tourist going to Paris would spend time travelling the city and its wonders.About 17 million lives less than two hour drive from Paris and another 310 million can fly there at the same tie or less.Once the domain of carnival hucksters, amusement parks underwent a significant makeover at the hands of the head of the Disney Studios Walter Elias Disney is a pioneer, innovator and possessor of one of the most fertile imaginations in the world.He was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon and philanthropist.Euro Disney first year of operation was faced with several factors in which hindered their financial growth and success in the first year of operation.The case study will analyse and answer several questions relating to the Not so Wonderful world of Euro Disney.Question 3 Evaluate the cross-cultural marketing skills of Disney!Question 4 Do you think the new theme park would have encountered the same problems if a location in Spain had been selected? Question 5 If you were the business development manager, what would be the major consideration you would go through before selecting a location for the next Disneyworld?Euro Disney and other Disney are subsidiaries to Walt Disney Company.This is a case study based on Euro Disney to critically analyse and answer question of the Not So Wonderful World of Euro Disney- Things are Better Now at Paris Disneyland.

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