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Sterilization of individuals deemed mentally ill still required consent.At the end of World War II, while other eugenic sterilization programs were being phased out, Alberta continued on, even increasing the scope of eligibility for sterilizations.The building is also the origin for the Sterilization “national move for fitter families” laws used against 60,000 Americans.These laws were the most extreme, which faced more towards immigration, in the American History.

In their efforts, eugenicists also encouraged the reproduction of the "fit", namely women of Anglo-Saxon, middle- and upper-class origins.In the 1920s, a company in New York started a movement known as “The Eugenics Movement.” The idea of eugenics was eventually picked up by Germany, China, Peru, India and Bangladesh.The movement is still in effect till this day; however, it is not as prevalent as it once was. Harriman (“Eugenics: Did the Eugenics Movement Benefit the United States? The movement was initially meant to purify the Gene Pool.The beginning of the Eugenics Movement all started at Cold Spring Harbor, New York. One of the ways The Cold Spring Harbor is the birth place of the American Eugenics Movement.The United States coined the term Eugenics from Great Britain in the early 1900s. Davenport founded the Eugenics Records Office (ERO). In 1898, the building had just been founded with no knowledge by some.Minors, because of their legal dependency on adults, were almost always assigned as "mental defectives", thus bypassing the parental consent requirement.Albertan Aboriginal people and Métis, regardless of age, were also targeted.Fearing a decrease in the birth rate due to their increased access to education, the achievement of work outside the home and rising infant mortality rates, eugenicists sought to bring these women "back home" by enticing them to become crusaders to the eugenic cause.The most damaging sterilization program in Canadian history was afforded via the passing of the Sexual Sterilization Act of 1928.Many eugenicists were prepared to support certain rights for some women to the extent that these would help support the political and economic enterprise of nation building based on an inherently racial notion of who belonged.Ideology worked to conceal the historical and material relations that gave rise to many of the social problems of Canadian society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by locating the causes of poverty, crime and illness within individuals.

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