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Any revenues from such redistribution are used solely to support the continued publication and distribution of articles.The journal/publisher is not responsible for subsequent uses of the work.------------------------------------------Privacy Statement The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.Ethnic studies was born from community, student, and faculty struggles that literally shut universities down over issues like racism and colonialism.The discipline that emerged from that contentious birth is a broad field that centers a critical analysis of systems of power and supports resistance to inequality.In the universities where I have taught ethnic and gender studies courses very few of my students are majors.Most students come from a wide variety of other departments and enroll as an elective because they are concerned with social issues and want to understand them deeper in order to make change in their worlds, reflecting the original mission of the field.We are seeking submissions for forthcoming issue published in December 2019.

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Those assumptions are also shaped by student experiences with humanities and social sciences courses that might not provide opportunities to study the social construction of knowledge, interrogate what constitutes evidence, or to learn clearly articulated qualitative research methodologies.Color figures will be reproduced in color in your online article free of charge.If it is necessary for the figures to be reproduced in color in the print version, a charge will apply.Usually my students are curious about the course topic and genuinely interested in learning something new.But sometimes they arrive with a common, troubling and incorrect assumption that our field is purely subjective and opinion based.The review process may take two to four weeks.d) Decision Is Made The decision to accept or reject an article is based on the suggestions of reviewers.If differences of opinion occur between reviewers, the editor-in-chief will weigh all comments and arrive at a balanced decision based on all comments, or the second round of peer review may be initiated.e) Notification of the Result of Review The result of the review will be sent to the corresponding author and forwarded to other authors.f) Publication Notice The authors and readers will be notified and invited to visit our website for the newly published articles.g) Publication Charges There are no submission fees, publication fees or page charges for this journal.Other students enroll as a required diversity course and may harbor suspicion, resentment, and resistance to the perspectives of the oppressed that we center in our work.Students also arrive with different levels of academic preparation.Teaching a mixed skill level class is difficult but the biggest challenge to teaching ethnic and gender studies is getting past the problematic assumptions about the field that students can arrive with.My course may be a student’s first exposure to humanities or social science as well as the first time they’ve encountered perspectives by authors who are not straight cis white men.

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