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According to this theory, obligations and duties should be conscientiously supported and followed by everybody when faced with an impasse (Hartman 2006).

It is quite evident that the employees in the sales division of Meta Life are not aware of the deontological theory of ethics.

Ethical principles enjoin virtues of honesty, compassion, and loyalty” (Hartman 2006).

Hence, ethical theories endeavor to be comprehensible and methodical enough to be able to provide answers to the most essential practical ethical questions.

Miners are humans and should be treated as such, hence workplace harassments and discriminations (Manuel, 2005) between various classes of workers should be discouraged, rather further negotiations and further settlements should be discussed to address the issue.

Rights and Obligation: Information and data collected from the case study and external shows rights of the workers have being tampered with i.e.

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As well as illuminating their individual topics, the chapters illustrate the insights that this structural method can yield.The tone or the exclamation mark adds nothing to the literal meaning of the sentence.It merely serves to show that the expression of it is attended by certain feelings of the speaker’ 108).Some, for instance, like the term ‘duty’ as it occurs in ‘It is your duty to tell the truth’, may be regarded both as the expression of a certain sort of feeling about truthfulness and as the expression of a command, ‘Tell the truth’. Each essay is self-contained, and topics covered include the objectivity and rationality of moral thinking, the issue between the ethical realists and their opponents, the place in our moral thought of appeals to common convictions, and how to tell whether a feature of a situation is morallyrelevant. Hare has collected a number of essays which fill in the theoretical background of his thought and which together give an overall picture of his views on a variety of questions.His central theme is the paradox that, if moral judgements were just statements of fact, relativism would be inescapable.To add that the action was wrong is not to make a further statement about it, but simply to evince one's moral disapproval.‘It is as if I had said “you stole that money” in a peculiar tone of horror, or written it with the addition of some special exclamation mark.In the case of Meta Life, a life insurance company, it is prudent for them not to try and justify the allegations by offering excuses but to come out and offer corrective measures, so as to assure their customers and stakeholders of their integrity.The insurance sector as a whole should adhere to the set down ethical codes of conduct as the deontological theory states.

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