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It may have sounded like sci-fi a few years ago, but with RF elements products, this is now possible! 1 and you are using high gain and wide radiation beam width sector antennas, then radios will collect noise from a very wide area despite radios being set to low transmit power (because the antenna gain remains the same and radio listens with full antenna gain! If you´ve also skipped Rule Nr.2, and you are using antennas that have side lobes, then they will pick up tons of noise through these side lobes as well! Simply use the lowest antenna gain you can afford, and be sane with transmit power.

Let me show the three simple rules of sustainability in the 5GHz unlicensed WISP environment: 1. We believe, that the perfect WISP antenna is a Symmetrical Horn, because it solves multiple problems at the same time: Horns can provide precise radiation properties, low to mid gain, and have no side lobes.

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By accepting the naive assumption, that every vendor knows best.

By creating excessive levels of noise everywhere they built their networks.

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