Essays People Have Influenced You

Man has been able to see into the future and plan ahead because of computers.

Life today has been made easier with the help of computers, although some people may disagree with this, but am sure many will agree with me.

In hospitals, most of the equipments use or are run by computers.

Look at space exploration; it was all made possible with the advent of computer technology.

Computers are a common phenomenon in the lives of people in today’s world.

Computers are very vital especially to those people who run businesses, industries and other organizations.

Many of the cures found with help of computer technology would not have been developed without computer technology, meaning that many people would have died from diseases that are now curable.

The world was and is still being changed by computers.

In the job sector, many of the jobs require knowledge in computers because they mostly involve the use of computers.

In short, these machines have become so important and embedded in the lives of humans, they have hugely impacted on the whole society to the extent that it will be very hard to survive now, without them.

Computer influence in the life of man became widely felt during World War II where computers were used to calculate and track the movements and also strategize the way military attacks were done (Edwards 4).

It is therefore clear, that computers and its influence on man have a long history.

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