Essays On The Inferno Of Dante

For some the journey through darkness and despair must be faced and endured alone.Dante's journey is one in which he faced and described what he perceived to be the sins of the world.It is in the vestibule of hell that Dante met some of the unfortunates who were on the edge of hell.These people who were not actually in hell itself were the ones who were considered too tepid, dull or stupid to have made much of a difference to life, their own or anybody else's.Many people are forced to go on a journey within themselves in order face and overcome the fears and dark thoughts that are affecting their lives.To many it is a journey of self-discovery, not always a pleasant one.

These people are too weak or inept to make an effort to turn their lives around and become useful citizens of society.

If this type of person works they often resent having to do what they are doing but are unable to choose to change their job, they do not have the gumption or willpower to change. They are so inept that even if making a decision would improve their circumstances, they can't make that decision for fear they might miss another better opportunity. It could be said that some of the unemployed people today are of this type.

They curse and winge and blame everybody else for their misfortune. They create their own hell, living on the fringes of life and "it's blind life trails on so low and crass that every other life it envieth" (Dante, 1949, p86).

These people were constantly running futiley in circles unable to make a choice.

They were so inept and insignificant that they were not considered good enough even for hell.

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