Essays On Single Parent Homes

One caused of single parent households is unexpected circumstances.

These unexpected circumstances can be death, divorce, or rape.

These involve the act of adoption, arrange pregnancy and family tradition.

Adoption is the main and most common cause of single parent households.

Being surprise with such news can be very upsetting knowing that the person do not want that big responsibility, and can result in the father leaving not wanting nothing to do with the child when it is born.

Incompatibility between partners is a cause you find mainly now.

Diseases like cancer, diabetes, dengue and a lot more can be the result in the death of a spouse which leaves the other partner to take care of the child themselves.

Single parent households can be also caused by unintended accidents between partners.

Unplanned pregnancy, Incompatibility between partners, and father getting a better way of living are all called unintended accidents.

Their always at it with each other, so this may result in, both, father leaving, or mother taking child and leaving.

Lastly, another cause is a father may get a job offer which maybe in another city.

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