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The issues included objectification of women, gender inequality, feminism and lack of equal opportunities between women and men.The movements were mainly sparked by the sexual revolution of the 1960s and also drew their inspiration from the civil rights movements.This bill placed women on an equal playing ground with the men.The women now could be able to secure the rights they were agitating for.Women have an educational role to play in the family.They have an influence on the family members ranging from children to her husband.

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The movements agitated against the issues that were affecting the women at the time.The knowledge acquired will be beneficial to the children in future undertakings. She can also serve the purpose of influencing her husband and any male individual in her life, such as a brother or father. Therefore, women have a significant educational role in the family and society as a whole.The 1950s was a considerable period for women as there was an increase in the number of women joining the labor force.This was the main reason why the number of women joining the labor force increased during these two decades.Apart from the women movements, women were too realizing the need for improvement and change.It is no secret that women too can contribute to the development of society.The role of women in development and society has always been undermined by male chauvinists.They started grouping themselves to encourage, sensitize and educate other women on the rights and obligations to the society in general.Professional women, who had already made it in a male dominated professions, grouped themselves to advice and sensitize other women.They can use the influence, achieved through spending time with their children to educate them of critical issues in life.The areas they teach their children could range from mannerisms to sex education.

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