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With an increase in both lifespan and the number of seniors comes a greater need for parents to teach their children how to respect their elders, from their own grandparents and great grandparents to their neighbors.How children learn to interact with seniors today will likely affect how they’ll treat their own parents in future years, says Amy Goyer, AARP’s family expert and a specialist in intergenerational relationships for more than 25 years.For example, Goyer tells her nieces and nephews stories of her father’s love for animals to help them make a connection and understand their grandfather better.When a grandparent faces physical obstacles, it’s important for the parent to remind children that Grandpa and Grandma still want to talk and are still interested in what’s happening in their grandchildren’s lives.Goyer offers the following advice when teaching children to respect their elders: role model, humanize and facilitate.Model Respect and Understanding “Parents need to understand and realize that they are teaching their kids by what they do and how they treat their parents,” Goyer says.Young children can relate to the emotions that would result from this.Facilitate In almost every situation, it’s up to a parent to facilitate or bridge the gap between the senior and the child.

But its definition, “to admire, show regard and consideration for,” is often lost in translation when applied to a fast-growing segment of today’s society – seniors or mature adults.

Take the time to talk honestly with your kids and to let them know it’s okay that you’re sometimes upset, Goyer says.

Let your kids know that it’s not a burden to take care of Grandma and Grandpa; help them to see their grandparents and other elders as human beings with feelings of their own.

Certainly, a child’s developmental level should always be taken into account when trying to teach respect, Stedman says.

Younger children will be more comfortable with older adults if they have something familiar to play with, such as a favorite toy or coloring book.

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