Essays On Ponyboy From The Outsiders

Ponyboy Curtis belongs to a lower-magnificence institution of Oklahoma youths who name themselves greasers due to their greasy lengthy hair.

strolling domestic from a movie, Ponyboy is attacked via a set of Socs, the greasers’ rivals, who are higher-magnificence youths from the West side of town.

Dally agrees to drive Ponyboy and Johnny lower back domestic.

but, as the boys leave, they observe that the deserted church wherein Ponyboy and Johnny have been staying has caught fireplace.

Randy tells Ponyboy that he's unwell of all the fighting and does no longer plan to go to the rumble that night time.The Socs assault Johnny and Ponyboy, and certainly one of them holds Ponyboy’s head under the frigid water of a fountain until Ponyboy blacks out.Ponyboy regains attention to locate himself mendacity at the ground.The brothers begin to combat, and Darry slaps Ponyboy throughout the face. He reveals Johnny, and the two boys heads for the park.There they come upon Bob and Randy with a group of Soc boys.The Socs, short for Socials, gang up on Ponyboy and threaten to slit his throat.a group of greasers comes and chases the bullies away, saving Ponyboy.The subsequent night, Ponyboy and Johnny visit a movie with Dally.They take a seat in the back of a pair of attractive Soc ladies. After Johnny tells Dally to forestall harassing the Soc ladies, Dally walks away.Desperate and terrified, Ponyboy and Johnny hurry to find Dally Winston, the one person they think might be able to assist them.Dally offers them a gun and a few money and sends them to an deserted church near the neighboring town of Windrixville.

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