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Government's responsibility: Government is also responsible for the situation going on.

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We hear a lot lately, especially from President Trump, about US firms outsourcing jobs overseas, along with accusations that countries like Mexico, China, Japan, Singapore, and India are “stealing US jobs” (see more than 50,000 Google search results for “Trump” “stealing jobs”). Here are some key statistics on jobs insourced to the U. (ht/Bob Wright) The map above (thanks to AEI’s Olivier Ballou for assistance) shows the number of insourced jobs in each US state in 2014, and additional details on jobs and insourcing statistics for each state are available from the OFII here. Bottom Line: In today’s highly globalized economy, multinational firms operate in a world marketplace that increasingly makes national borders meaningless and irrelevant, as firms capitalize on hyper-efficient global supply chains that add enormous value, and ultimately result in lower costs and higher quality for the goods that consumers buy here and around the world.Here are some key statistics on jobs insourced to the U. that highlight some of the significant economic benefits to the U. economy from the thousands of foreign-based firms that outsource jobs and production the US has a significant and positive impact on our economy, and yet this huge economic stimulus gets almost no attention.All we ever hear about from Team Trump is the jobs that are allegedly being “stolen” from us by China, Japan, Europe and Mexico.Government interference would be the only solution to stop the continued massive socioeconomic destruction. Does have a moral duty to keep its promise to stay in Green Fork so long as it can do so profitably? If so, is accepting even the first offer from the city and workers too much to ask? Yes, has a moral duty to keep its promise to stay in Green Fork so long as it can do so profitability.Otherwise, social and economic anarchy would prevail in U. Although, maximum profitability being a primary goal would be the first preference for each business concern.In addition, those global companies serve retail markets in hundreds of countries around the globe.Just like it makes economic and business sense for thousands of foreign companies to outsource jobs and production foreign countries, perhaps also because overseas markets now represent more than 50% of retail sales for many US-based companies like Apple (63% of 2016 sales were in foreign markets), Procter and Gamble (58% sales were overseas), GE (62% foreign sales) and Pfizer (56% overseas sales).All we hear about is the jobs that are allegedly being stolen from us by China and Mexico. S.-based affiliates of foreign multinational companies that operate here and employ millions of our workers.Update: As a separate state, the 0 billion annual payroll of Americans working for foreign insourcing companies in the U. in 2014 would have ranked that group of American employees as the eighth largest U. Q: How could it possibly make sense for Trump to accuse Mexico, China and Japan of “stealing” our jobs, unless he also admits that the U. is apparently then also “stealing” jobs from other countries, more than six million in 2014?At the same time, the world wide cost competition cannot be compensated by the individuals.Therefore, compensating measures should be taken from the government to the industries that are outsourcing their jobs and transferring their businesses outside U. A for cheap cost of doing business and high profits.

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