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In May 1943, The Trident Conference held in Washington resulted to the coast of Normandy chosen as the most appropriate site for landing.

Normandy was a good choice because of its proximity to the English and Cherbourg ports.

The forces were ready for the battle and awaited the ratification from their general to proceed.

One of the things that scared the allied forces was the possibility of the Germans finding out their main landing point.

The concluding strategy was to deploy three air force divisions to Normandy, to protect the five groups of the main attacking forces down at the beach.

Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery took charge of the land operations while general Omar Bradley and Sir Dempsey were in charge of the attacking troops (June 50).

General Dwight worked together with Air Marshall Leigh-Mallory, Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, Air Marshall Tedder and Admiral Bertram Ramsey.

The operation was one of the largest military invasions in the world, necessitating the participation of many men and a special kind of planning.

Due to the campaign, Adolf Hitler beefed up security in the wrong areas, and this contributed to the success of the invasion.Troops emanating from Canada, Britain, United States and Poland joined hands to liberate Western Europe from the Nazi control.American General Dwight D Eisenhower led the collective force known as the Allied Expeditionary Force.General Dwight organized his troops and equipped them with more comprehensive martial planning for the invasion.All the planning was in place, and the troops were ready for the invasion.The leader of Soviet Russia suggested that the allies adopt two-front war to ensure that Germany was defeated since they could not maintain their army contact on two fronts.The Allies formed The Combined Chief of Staffs to assist President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill on instigating the warfare.The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor came before the planning of Operation Overlord.President Roosevelt of the United States anticipated to form an operation that would help in redeeming French from the Nazi’s suppression (Harrison 7).All evidence put in place indicated that Pas de Calais was the center of the invasion.German troops deployed in the area and security was beefed to counter the said ‘Americans’, By fourth of June, General Dwight had a period of four days in which the invasion would be possible.

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