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Programs are both community and school-based, using both professionals and volunteers.This entry describes various mentoring programs and summarizes assessments of their impact.Most programs, depending on the needs of their population, employ curricula and resources that emphasize academic achievement, social competency, rites of passage, child rearing, career training, health education, spiritual development, and arts education.Despite this mixture of programming, the main objectives of youth mentoring are to enhance academic performance, build parental and peer relationships, and promote self-esteem and self-worth.

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These deficits, combined with limited community resources (e.g., youth facilities, athletic clubs, and violence prevention programs), as well as the breakdown of the traditional family unit, have been thought to produce a feeling of social detachment among youth.

Organizations like BIGS typically use the classic community-based model, which brings mentors and mentees together one-on-one.

Mentors and mentees will often engage in some form of recreational activity that also provides them a time to discuss pertinent life issues.

Mentors undergo an intense screening process because much of their time with the child or adolescent goes unsupervised.

One-on-one interactions can be long or short-term, depending on the bond and chemistry between mentor and mentee.

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