Essays On King Lear'S Madness Step By Step Directions For Writing A Research Paper

In the end, no easy answer surfaces to the question of divine justice, except that perhaps man must live as if divine justice exists, even if it's only a product of rich and wishful imaginations.

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The plucking of Gloucester's eyes can be perceived as another instance in which divine justice is lacking.

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But throughout King Lear, good does not triumph without honorable characters suffering terrible loss.

Reading the play as a product of evolutionary progressions is logical because the play is framed around “two ideas of society in direct confrontation . When Lear bellows, “Crack nature’s molds, all germens spill at once” he is requesting the impossible, that the laws of causation be terminated and evolution be put on hold (3.2.8).

This confusion is the locus of Lear’s madness: that he is of highest value in an already blind mechanistic universe.

Lear makes several poor choices, most importantly in misjudging the sincerity of his daughters' words; but when he flees out into the open heath during a storm, his madness seems a painful and excessive punishment to witness.

Parallel to Lear's punishment is that which Gloucester suffers.

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