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This could also be affected because she is a mother. Diminished Responsibility wouldn’t apply to the case of Sarah and her Neighbour as there is no evidence that she had an abnormality of the mind.

The fact that she was drunk would not be able to be used as evidence, because this defence requires it to be a history of alcoholism.

It is contained in the Homicide Act of 1957 and is modified by the Coroners and Justice Act 2009.

When the defence of diminished responsibility is pleaded successfully it can reduce a murder conviction to manslaughter.

The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 creates the defence of loss of control, which was previously referred to as provocation in the common law. Who has the burden of proof with regard to the defence of loss of control?

In England, the Infanticide Act 1938 permits a mother who is charged with killing an infant under the age of 12 months to be charged with infanticide, a manslaughter charge, rather than a murder charge. The defence of the loss of self-control developed under the common law as provocation, and has been recognized, in some form, as a defence to murder since the 1612 case E. The defence of loss of self-control is not a burden-shifting defence.

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The burden of proof is with the prosecution to defeat the idea that the defendant was sufficiently provoked in order to commit the crime. What are the tests which must be passed to establish the defence of loss of self-control?

In fact, criminal negligence can be very fact-specific, because the carelessness or incompetence of a defendant may depend largely upon that defendant's personal background.

For example, professionals are held to a different standard than non-professionals.

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