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The Australian immigration authorities used several methods to deny entry to the “undesirable” immigrants.

The ‘dictation test’ was a test for all people seeking migration to Australia to read 500 words of a script as a ‘test’ for literacy.

It became apparent to Australia at the climax of World War II that the nation needed more people to both build the population and economy but also for the defense of the nation.

Australia justified these policies by claiming that the introduction of non-European immigrants would “provoke social unrest”.[14] These immigrants were also feared because they would compete “for employment and business opportunities” with existing ‘white’ Australians.[15] This was an assimilationist policy which slowed immigration in Australia severely compared to the two decades following the end of World War II.

Post-World War II Immigration ‘Boom’ Following the conclusion of World War II, Australia saw an influx of immigrants for several political and economic reasons; such as the needs for a larger labour force and the defense against the perceived threat of communism.

The first of these was that if a person of mixed race should be allowed in to the country based on humanitarian reasons, e.g.

refugee status or displaced, then the Minister has at his discretion the choice to allow them in.

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