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The opposing consonants ‘t’ and ‘k’ create harsh sounds that force the reader to slow down and pronounce these words with clarity.This shows the snakes strong extravagance declaring to the snake’s presence as a dangerous threat.The image itself is alarming articulating fear of the snake, the reader never imagined the snake passing by being shocked and suspicious of what will happen next.Moreover, Wright introduces the snake as ‘The great black snake’.It is impossible to find out what exactly was going through Klara’s mind, whether she was confabulating or a combination of false memories or wanting to hurt Lucas for thinking he ignored her but at first she looks aware she made it up, as the movie progresses she believes it actually happened because of the outside influences on her from the parents and the community.Scenes such as her talk with the psychologist they got for her and when she told her mother the truth that Lucas was innocent but her mother instead explains to her that her mind is blocking the memory for being too painful and choose to believe the false version of the story.The movie also touches on another subject which is confabulation which is a birth related disorder that involuntary produces lies in the mind and imaginative things without the persons awareness or willingness to deceive.Klara’s brother and his friend show her a picture of a penis and makes a joke about it, Later on this becomes the basis of her lie.

Hunting Snake by Judith Wright Sun-warmed in this late season’s grace under the autumn’s gentlest sky we walked, and froze half-through a pace. Head down, tongue flickering on the trail he quested through the parting grass, sun glazed his curves of diamond scale and we lost breath to see him pass.The poet’s diction and word choices express a contrast between fear and admiration of the snake.For example ‘diamond scale’ represents beauty, attraction and splendor vs.It makes me think deeply about the connection of the snake and these unique words.I greatly enjoyed reading this poem, as I could relate to it in my own experiences of fear and relief.False memories are deformed and sometimes a memory can be made up and altered by other people or our minds therefore it can never be 100 percent genuinely stored in someone’s consciousness, this applies to all childhood dreams of anyone.Loftus help treat study some of these cases that was related to child molesting; both which led to the idea of the spectacular movie.story revolves around a white lie, community fears, lost truth, false memory and how humans tend to pre-judge each other before giving someone a chance to prove or defend themselves; basically judged as guilty until proven innocent as per the human nature code, Friendship is being tested too in the movie where a person gets to see everyone’s true color towards him Surprisingly, every element and factor in the movie almost reached perfection; the lighting, plot, acting and underlying messages within the film and what it symbolizes which will be later discussed in this of the movies where it is actually hard to predict it’s ending unlike most action movie nowadays where you know that the hero would sweep in to save the day, in the hunt the audience are attracted with high curiosity to how would Lucas clear his name and it eventually happens from a realistic unbelievable solution that saves his life and exonerates him.communities’ social norm acceptance of lies as the essential truth is one of the central themes.The line between truth and lies is thin, in an early scene in the movie, Theo tells Lucas that he can differentiate when he is lying but when Lucas gets accused of the sexual abuse; the boundary between both becomes vague and Theo is confused in A minor theme that can be seen in this movie is how adults sometimes tend to pressure their children into believing or doing something they do not want to in the beginning instead of actually listening to them.

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