Essays On Helping The Homeless

Participants in the volunteer program are also given free meals when they take breaks from their work.

When my Boy Scout troop discovered that we can help as volunteers at the Midnight Mission, we decided to lend a helping hand for a day.

There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you know that you have helped someone a great big deal.

As volunteers, my troop members and I gathered and organized donations (personal hygiene items) given to the Midnight Mission by people around the community.

After placing them in plastic bags, we handed these personal hygiene items to the homeless on their way out after a hearty meal.

They have their own building and facilities, all designed to serve and support the poverty-stricken men, women, and children of the greater Los Angeles.

In 1914, the doors to the Midnight Mission were first opened to the homeless men of Skid Row.

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