Essays On Hare Krishna

With “more of a personal rather than institutionalized relationship with God,” he settled upon his new belief system in the 1990s.It was an embrace of “the hugging saint” Amma — the world famous Hindu guru known for her cuddly disposition — that directed his spiritual search back to the Hare Krishna.As these major cultural icons appropriated Prabhupada’s viewpoints, a wider audience rapidly came to know about the Hare Krishna.“Well, they must be cool,” Yadunath remembers thinking as a teenager, “George is into it, so on some level it must be okay.” Yadunath das was raised Catholic.“I remember we sang it for days, John and I, with ukulele, banjos, sailing through the Greek Islands chanting Hare Krishna,” Harrison would later recall in 1982.“Like six hours we sang, because we couldn’t stop once we got going.During the turbulent mid-sixties, the beatniks were evolving into hippies, authority was questioned on all fronts and youngsters were looking for a level of meaning that the post-war American Dream of suburbia could not provide.“A chicken in every pot, two cars in every garage,” Yadunath said, “But the youth saw that their parents were having these things, but still weren’t satisfied, something was missing.” So they went searching; some via music, some via drugs, some via religion, and some via all of the above.

It was here, in a tiny storefront at 26 Second Avenue, that Prabhupada established what would become the very first Krishna Consciousness temple outside of India.

“LSD opened up levels of consciousness to the hippies that they did not know were available,” Yadunath said, “And it opened up a lot of questions, but it didn’t provide them with the answers.” Prabhupada, however, did.

He claimed the world needed “a revolution of consciousness,” rather than a political or social one.

Seeing what a mistake he had made by instigating two sides two fight, every outcome that could possibly happen after his family members died came to mind.

Sometimes we realize our mistakes and wrongdoings too late, when none of our action can be undone, and we would want to go back in time to fix it but it is impossible to do so.

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