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Ways to Attract Happiness and Make it Last As per some recent studies, some of the habits to attract happiness and make it last are as follows: Instead of getting super excited or depressed in different situations you must practice to transform these activated feelings into deactivated feelings such as calmness and contentment. Stop blaming yourself or feeling guilty for all the bad decisions you have taken in life. However, you must always remind yourself of the good times and all the things you should be thankful about.

These feelings are healthier and also easier to sustain. This is a good way to shift your mood from negative to positive.

In fact, sometimes the happiness of anticipation is greater than the happiness of the actual experience itself.

With this in mind, we may say if the future holds no pleasant promise – it’s very hard to be happy.

” Therefore, the first key or the most important key to a happy life I would say is Positive Thinking.

” Shakespeare put it this way when he said “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Here are essays on happiness of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.

Several philosophers have given different views on this topic however the most dominant one is that happiness comes from within and must not be searched for in the outside world.If you choose to be happy and channelize for thoughts accordingly, then you shall attain happiness. Many people these days suffer from depression because they choose to deal with their problems on their own and not to involve others. It is important to look within to find true happiness but it is equally important to surround yourself with positive people. If you train your brain to stay in this state it will stay this way. So the only way to experience happiness is to feel good about all that you have.This is because your mind believes whatever you say. You may experience happiness from time to time however it may take months or even years to make this state last. Steer clear from people who indulge in negative talks or de-motivate you. Conclusion It is easy to get carried away by negative thoughts and get into a state of anxiety and stress owing to several things in life.Even a small kid can tell the meaning of happiness. They believe that they can be happy if they possess certain things or be with certain people or reach a professional height.But how many of us really know the meaning of true happiness and how to attain that state? This is what they have been fed with since their childhood.We pass quickly through one destination and then move into the next.At the end of each day, we’re probably too exhausted and too stressed out to even notice the simple things that can make us happy.Furthermore, negative thinking can take a lot of time and too much emotional energy, which absolutely does not lead to a happy life.In addition, positive thinking makes us have a feeling of excitement about something pleasant or exciting that we know is going to happen. No matter what our circumstances are, if we have something to look forward to, we bring happiness into our life well before the event actually takes place.They are more fearful about the safety of their children.They are also the ones more prone to theft and robbery.

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