Essays On Conformity And Obedience

Bronfenbrenner describes a myriad of authorities that we obey on an individual or group level.The echological argument holds that patriotism is obedience to nationalism.To the contrary those who rebelled or disobeyed......Stream of Conscious A refined piece of literature is undoubtedly the representative of the era in which it has been produced, and reflects the social and cultural aspects prevailing all around the author within his social structure.Consequently, such a superb literary piece vehemently points out towards the problems the people are undergoing as well as the activities they get involved into during their everyday life.

Such event naturally gives rise to speculations on why the Nazi did it.The birthchildren were acting in self-interest to exploit the parental authority's lack of resolve, while the foster children were obeying for self-preservation.As children grow into adulthood, they will for the most part become more aware of the need for obedience.As alluded to in the textbook Social Psychology by authors Saul Kassin,, there are evolutionary grounds for this tendency in humans.For example, from the evolutionary viewpoint children who obeyed and conformed to the instructions given by their parents survived to leave offspring of their own.The same is applied to stream of consciousness, which concentrates upon human psychology and extracts the reflection of the fluctuations existing in human mind in one way or the other.Our conscious mental life flows, James states, continuously like a stream in which “the transition between the......Maslow would describe the humanist viewpoint as obeying to gain respect and recognition from authority.Skinner would see obedience as a natural conditioned reaction to doing what we are told.The cost of punishment by law enforcement will generally get most people to abide by acceptable customs.The need for a steady paycheck will insure that they will put their feelings aside when taken advantage of in the workplace.

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