Essays On Co Education Attendance Monitoring System Related Literature Thesis

There are many co-educational institutions in our country.

There are many arguments for and against co-education.

In spite of this, women generally had good education in ancient India.

After Independence, several education commissions and committees were set up.

It can mean better discipline since in the presence of girls the boys will not talk irrelevantly or obscenely in the class.

The most potent argument advanced by co-education lovers is that it can help both boys and girls in the development of their personality.

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Hence a separate curriculum is required at the secondary level to cater to the needs of girls and boys.They can come out of their enclosed shell-like personality and get rid of their unwarranted hesitation and shyness.This can make boys and girls more expressive, progressive and forward in outlook and attitude to life which can be of great advantage to both sexes.They generally advocated co-education in schools up to 10 2 level and separate education for boys and girls at the university level till graduation.This policy is now by and large being followed in our country.In their opinion this can lead to attraction between boys and girls which are neither good for their health, nor character, nor studies.Some other people are of the view that co-education can bring about a healthy competition between boys and girls and thus it can be of mutual benefit to both sexes.Co-education should be encouraged right from kindergarten so that children grow up with the right attitude towards each other.Interaction of this kind can build more confidence in the minds of the children and they will never hesitate before talking to someone of the opposite sex.When it comes to competing with one another in the field of academics, one realises that boys and girls are almost the same in terms of potential and capability.This generates a mutual respect between them and they see each other as human beings rather than specimens of some kind.

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