Essays On Child Soldiers Thesis Statement

If you think that the drug dealer employing child soldiers in Latin America is far removed from influence in your life, think again.

The United Nations peacekeeping commander sent twelve blue helmeted soldieries to offer some protection.The rules of engagement for the UN Peacekeepers were clear. I was witnessing the grossest of human indecencies, I was, for probably only a few seconds, but for what felt as long as my whole life to that point, observing the transformation of a warrior back into a child and that child was now dying--of wounds I had inflicted on her child body." (Dallaire - 196, 197) Dallaire has been haunted by this deed, and like others who abhor the use of child soldiers, has taken on the task of curtailing the use of children in conflicts."..were to use deadly force if necessary to protect the population from any group that endangered them by the use of deadly force." (Dallaire - 190) At night, the UN soldiers took turns at sentry duty, and between shifts, they huddled under mosquito nets until a quick downpour sent some scurrying for protection inside Jeeps. The rebel with his blazing gun, who had raced around the corner of the building firing away at anyone and everything, including me, now lay face up and dying in the mud, twisted, bleeding and barely able to breathe,. The Child Studies Institute: Along with his efforts to prevent genocide and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, Dallaire has founded the Child Studies Institute (CSI) which investigates how children are recruited, made into soldiers, used, disarmed, demobilized and reintegrated.Girls are sought since they can become sex slaves or because they can manage the cooking and other care-giving needs of their group.(b) In many instances the child has been separated from the rest of the family, is desperate, totally alone and seeks security.Leaders like Desmond Tutu, Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. taught that we have an ethical obligation for the larger social good, to advance the quest for peace. Dallaire refers to Archbishop Desmond Tutu who said that it is the essence of being human that you cannot diminish the worth of others without diminishing yourself.(Dallaire - 242) We are interdependent on this earth.The UN can only act according to the mandates of its membership. In 1989 the UN passed The Convention on the Rights of the Child.Graca Machel prepared and presented her report "The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children" to the UN General Assembly in 1996.Children are the ultimate expendable frontline weapon.Peacekeeping goals: Through the centuries many societies have articulated through laws, religions and philosophies that all human beings are equal in species and evolution.

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