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However, the success was partial: the women started to smoke more but, still, not in the open.In the USA at the beginning of the 20th century, the women’s liberation movement began to pick up steam.This real-life example demonstrates the great power of advertisement. Nowadays, tobacco smoking is a usual habit for many men and women.Seeing a woman smoking on the street is no more a rare event.Bernays also hired photographers in order to get some professional photos that later became widespread around the world.When a group of good-looking women began to smoke in public, all people around were shocked.

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Use the information from our sample, and copy good phrases to appeal to the public.Its death toll is 438,000 deaths per year (American Lung Association, n.d.).Despite the various health risks posed on smokers, cigarette sales continue to rise.The first step of the ambitious advertising campaign was to present smoking as an efficient weight-loss habit.The strategy was quite successful as a slim figure was a cherished ideal for every American female at the beginning of the 1930s.This company was one of the leaders on the market of tobacco products.Once, the analysts of the company noticed that the trading volumes stopped rising and got stuck on a particular level.The scenes with smoking women began to appear in Hollywood movies.The cigarette became not only the symbol of freedom but also sexuality, independence, and mystery.We hope you will create a great speech and touch the hearts of your audience.If you feel lacking in creativity for writing a persuasive speech on smoking cigarettes, you can ask Essay Shark to help you.

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