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Along this journey, they occasionally find more motivation in their imaginations.The librarians are driven by the idea that the virtually infinite Library can be ordered, by the idea that “the true story of [their] death” exists, and by the idea that these books can be found and understood.Borges brought up issues with the infinite, motivation, and exploration of vast knowledge that are still relevant today.While the race of librarians in the story is dying out, Borges does not want the same fate for thinkers around the world.

Do we devote all of our time to a quest for knowledge, or are there other goals worth living for?

Jorge Luis Borges's standing as one of the greatest and most influential writers in the history of the short story seems assured.

At least a half dozen of his stories are widely and frequently anthologized and appear destined to survive the test of time.

Or, the Library could represent the fantasy world that he wanted to live in.

Borges may have enjoyed his job so much that he wrote a story in which he could have no choice but to be a librarian.

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