Essays In Art

All artists have been involved in helping the people realize the beauty that lies all around them and despite their repeated efforts, the people because of their busy life, fail to appreciate nature and its beauty.

Read full article Give to barrows, trays, and pans Grace and glimmer of romance; Bring the moonlight into noon Hid in gleaming piles of stone; On the city's paved street Plant gardens lined with lilac sweet; Let spouting fountains cool the air, Singing in the sun-baked square; Let statue, picture, park, and hall, Ballad, flag, and festival, The past restore, the day adorn, And make each morrow a new morn.

and then everything was different: portraits of traumatic brain injury survivors Capturing recovery from trauma on canvas Andrea Marks An image in time: medical photography in dermatology Stephen Martin Anatomy and pathology in Zurbaran’s Jewish and Christian figures JH Mc Auley Migrainous scotomata in art Adil Menon Manga as medical critique Sally Metzler A Night with Venus, a lifetime with Mercury: syphilis among the British aristocracy in William Hogarth’s marriage à-la-mode Death by Dysentery?

Emerson states that all art old and new emerges from this particular method only.

and what is his speech, his love of painting, love of nature, but a still finer success?

all the weary miles and tons of space and bulk left out, and the spirit or moral of it contracted into a musical word, or the most cunning stroke of the pencil?

What is that abridgment and selection we observe in all spiritual activity, but itself the creative impulse?

for it is the inlet of that higher illumination which teaches to convey a larger sense by simpler symbols.

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