Essays Diversity In The Workplace

Internationally, the company will accomplish a labor force that is gender balanced by 2025 and ensure that the percentage of female managing directors to 25 percent at the turn of the decade (Diversity Inc., 2018).

The company is on course to accomplishing these goals.

Introduction A diverse workforce consists of individuals from a wide range of cultures, standpoints and background is pivotal.

Accenture has developed international training programs that comprise of diversity awareness, diversity management, and professional development.Notably, new outcomes demonstrate that generating a culture of equality aids LGBT professionals to prosper. The primary methodology Diversity and Motivation Human Resources Manager of a good company would have an extremely responsible job on his shoulders.More specifically, in firms where the aspects are most common, they are 1.5 times more likely to progress their careers to a managerial position or even higher. He would, in essence, be responsible for the well being of the employees of the company as well as for their efficient working in a manner that would bring profit for the company and not a loss.Based on the company’s website, in the 2017 financial year, Accenture added more than 1,800 personnel hailing from diverse background, a significant increase from 1,000 employees the previous financial year.The company also increased the number of women in the labor force by 1 percentage to 37 percent, making advancement towards the objective of at least 40 percent women in the workforce by 2020.Notably, inclusion and diversity are imperative to Accenture’s corporate culture and core values.The organization has the fundamental belief that no individual ought to face discrimination simply owing to their differences, such as religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, and gender identity.Organizations that embrace and implement diversity have better performances in the market.Statistics indicate that for every 1 percent increase in gender diversity, there is an increase in organizational revenue by 3 percent.Taking this into consideration, the company’s extensive level of diversity makes Accenture stronger, in terms of being more inventive, more competitive and more resourceful, which is beneficial in rendering better service to their consumers and communities (Accenture, 2018).I believe that Accenture is managing diversity well as a result of its associated statistics and data.

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