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Either it was not mentioned at all, with the result that adolescents coming to maturity were left to work out their sexual salvation, unassisted, within the framework of the prevailing, and generally barbarous socio-legal system.

Today we are condemned neither to silence, nor obscenity, nor sentimentality; we are at liberty, at last, to look at the facts and to ask ourselves what, if anything, can be done about them.

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Hence the establishment, within the community, of Complex Marriage.

Noyes did not condemn monogamy; he merely believed that group love was better than exclusive love.

But now “suppose the man chooses to enjoy not only the simple presence, but also the reciprocal motion, and yet to stop short of the crisis. “Beginning in 1844, I experimented on the idea” (the idea that the amative function of the sexual organs could be separated from the propagative) “and found that the self-control it required is not difficult; also that my enjoyment was increased; also that my wife’s experience was very satisfactory, which it had never been before; also that we had escaped the horrors and the fear of involuntary propagation.” Noyes was a born prophet, a missionary in the bone.

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(It is worth remarking that, for the American public of a hundred years ago, Communism was essentially biblical.

It was preached and practiced by men and women who wanted to emulate the earliest Christians.

Like all earlier founders of religious communities, Noyes disapproved of exclusive attachments between the members of his group.

All were to love all, unpossessively, with a kind of impersonal charity which, at Oneida, included sexual relationships.

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