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The author, though, illustrates a child who is curious, observant and stubborn, but possesses a good heart, has not specifically pointed out anything that may represent the children of those times and what were the concepts about children during the Victorian period.Hence, with the help of the historical and geographical background of the novella, we will expound and propound the theories that concern a child of that era and what kind of attitude they were subjected to.Even in her dreams, it is easy to read the rich feminist theme that the author sort to explore using this book.Alice and Feminism It is interesting to note that this book was written by a man.Alice in Wonderland is an incredible literary text for use in examining feminism.It presents numerous occasions and characters who can be used to explain and understand this theme of feminism.Nevertheless, the author has a captivating narrative of feminism that is embodied in Alice.The setting of the book is the Victorian era, giving readers a perfect opportunity to know what was happening then and the phases in which women were receiving recognition or being oppressed. She is considered to be a rebel who has decided to break with tradition.

The description is that she will ‘grow taller on one side and shorter on the other’.This description changes the stereotype of women in literature and society. There are instances where she embodies everything that is wrong with the perception of women in the society.She depicts sexuality in women as destructive and frightening.From physical to emotional, abuse was common enough in the Victorian era and parents expected unshakable obedience and respect from their children all the time, either by the nature itself or with the (“Children's literature - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from (Children's Literature - Alice' S Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Essay)“Children's Literature - Alice' S Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Essay”, n.d. ...“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Absurd Social Interaction.Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is a fantastic tale of a little girl’s adventures in a strange land.Critics consider her as the reality that women should be living.She does not have to be submissive yet she can assert her position on issues.They are the Queen of Hearts, the Duchess and the cook.These are the worst woman characters any author can think about.

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