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She spoke about what was borne out time and again when the glorious simplicity of the concept was honored.It’s not about absolution, it’s not about forgiveness, though that can sometimes happen.His tragedies, exemplified by such works as Persians, Prometheus Bound, and the Oresteia trilogy, have been universally respected as reflective, profoundly moving translations of religious and ethical concerns into the sublime language of poetry.BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Little is known for certain about Aeschylus's life, but, according to ancient biographies, he was born at Eleusis, near Athens, in 525 b.c. He took part in the Persian Wars, fighting in the battle of Marathon in 490 b.c., and probably at Salamis a decade later.

The principle at work is that both the perpetrators and the victims of violence have been exiled by those experiences from their community and that something must be done to reinstate them into the circle of the human.It’s born of the belief that only by bringing us all into the same place and hearing the truth if we can speak it, can we heal.I thought, if I can find a way to bring that essential grace to the third act of my play, I might be able to write my way to something like hope in these dark times. We don’t offer judgement at the end so much as the mystery of mercy, born of the act of listening and recognition.It is simply about gathering in a public space open to all. And in so doing, we, all of us, recognize each other.Everyone concerned, both the victims and the perpetrators of the violence, is present. It’s an ancient concept, a Greek one in fact, that notion that in recognizing each other in all our confusion, pain, and jagged moments of violence and cruelty, bravery and kindness, we draw ourselves back to the circle of what we share, what gives us a stake in each other, our happiness and our enlightenment.Aeschylus made several visits to Sicily at the invitation of its ruler, Hieron I, and it was at Gela in Sicily that he died in 456 b.c.According to a popular myth he was killed by an eagle who dropped a tortoise's shell on the dramatist's bald head, believing it to be a stone.Aeschylus's earliest play, Persians, is unusual in that it is the first account by a great poet of a significant historical event in which he himself had participated.It recounts in extraordinarily vivid detail, the defeat of Persian King Xerxes' forces as Salamis.I began writing my version of in the summer of 2016 in what seems another world, and got a draft of the first two acts together fairly quickly, passing them in by late October.I was puzzling over how I might approach the third act, the one everyone agrees is the hardest because it can become a kind of tedious civics lesson, when the unthinkable happened with the election of the latest American president.

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