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The reason for this was that WWII had ended and GI's needed government jobs.Public Administration has a short history and it only proves that it is still changing and molding to the needs of society.Public Administration is such an art that there is no certain way to do it.There are no specific directions to follow in order to succeed in this field.This is clear from the experience of every modem State.The notorious spoils system in the United States led to administrative dislocation and a public scandal.

Strategic planning, benchmarking for best practices, performance measurement, using performance results, performance-based budgeting, contracting for performance, and creating and sustaining a supportive environment.Its objectives are individual, its spirit and methods are special.” The young people, therefore, should enter the government service at an age “when their minds are open to influence by the individual character of government activity.”By making civil service a career, the government guarantees to its employees permanence of tenure of office, the fullest freedom of advancement and promotion and a comfortable pension on retirement.It also entails the systematic classification of government jobs.From this stems the measuring everything from government branches to the performance of school systems.Another major key aspect of Public Administration is to have trust.Before the Haileybury experiment, Civil Service in Britain had little to commend itself.Unless the public service is beyond the reach of the political executive, it is inevitable that the mind of the minister should be devoted not only to the problems of his office, but to the need of rewarding his followers.This testing lasted through the middle of the 20th century.Then there was a man by the name of Herbert Simon that figured out why none of these theories were found to be the best way.The Trevelan Committee in Britain recommended that “as an indispensable means of attracting able young men into the service, admission should be placed on basis of competitive examinations open to all administered by an independent Central Board.”Experience has shown that the competitive examination system has proved the more satisfactory method of selection for the civil service.Another important principle for the recruitment is that entrance to the public service should normally be at the age, when, in a similar position in ordinary life, a young man or woman expects to earn a living.

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