Essays About Operations Management

There is a proper examination of supply chain to provide customers better availability and customer service.

Facilities managers sometimes meet the customers on their own to have their suggestion and complaints.

They also help the company in different pilot projects and research.

It is mandatory for the staff of the Mc Donalds to have health check up.

(Mc Donalds Official Website, 2009) The main responsibilities of a manager towards staff are: Quality Checks and Balances Ensuring the better customer service and customer empathy Staff Management and Job Rotations Staff Motivation If we analyze Mc Donalds in this scenario, then the facilities managers are trained with thinking that people are very important for Mc Donalds.

Facilities managers motivate the employees and properly rotate the jobs of employees depending upon their skills.

As a result, we can examine this thing in the quality and safety of Mc Donalds Products.

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